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Shoreikan (pronounced Shore-Ray-Kant) Dojo was established by Mr Tony Chung and Mr Lai Hon Meng in 2001. The Dojo was set-up initially as a place for fellow aikidokas to meet and practice the Yoshinkan style of aikido as is taught at Honbu. The inspiration for this Dojo came from the teachings of Tsutomo Chida Sensei, the current Chief Instructor and Dojo-cho at Honbu Dojo, when he first came to Malaysia in 1999 for a demonstration followed by a seminar. He was the first of the senior senseis from Yoshinkan Hombu that visited us. His teachings were quite a revelation to us all.

The Dojo was named by Mr Yorikazu Nakao, a good friend of ours and also a regular 6th Dan student from Honbu. The name was endorsed by the present Head of Yoshinkan Aikido, Kyoichi Inoue Kancho and formally registered with International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation on 2004.

"Sho" means respect.

"Rei" means courtesy, chivalry in martial arts.

"Kan" means a martial arts studio i.e. a Dojo.

Lai Hon Meng was born in 1975, started martial arts in 1995, started Aikido in 1997, Shodan in 1999 by Chida Sensei in Malaysia, 2003 Nidan and instructor test in Honbu Dojo, formed Shoreikan in 2003 together with Tony, named by Inoue Dojocho. Afflicted to Honbu and IYAF after grading. Sandan in 2009 by Chida Sensei and Inoue Sensei in Malaysia. Currently affiliated to Sengenkan by Saburo Takashima.

Ow Yew Teik earned his 1st. dan in Aikido in 1999. Then, he took his examination as an Aikido instructor and received his certificate in 2005. In 2009, he took his 2nd. dan examination in Aikido and was awarded his certificate by Tsutomu Chida Sensei.

Chan Chee Keong Sensei started practising aikido in 1996. In 2005, Chee Keong took and passed both his 3rd Dan Black Belt and instructor tests from Yoshinkan Aikido Hombu (HQ). He registered with International Yoshinkan Aikido Federation in 2007 and started teaching under his school Jundokan - School of the Harmonious Path. In 2009, Chee Keong was tested by Inoue Kyoichi Hanshi and Chida Tsutomu Shihan and was awarded his 4th Dan Black Belt from Renshinkai. He is affiliated with both Shoreikan, where he practices with Tony Chung Sensei, and where he sometimes helps teach, and also with Sengenkan, where he continues to receive guidance and teaching from his Sensei, Saburo Takashima.

Tony Chung Born at 19-9-1964. Tony started learning Yoshinkan Aikido with Sonny Loke sensei in 1997 and receive his shodan in the year of 2000. He started a Dojo with Lai Hon Meng. Tony also receives his 2nd Dan in 2003 from Yoshinkan Honbu, Japan, graded by Chida sensei and Inoue sensei. In the year of 2003, he receives his 5th level Intructor license from Yoshinkan Honbu Japan by Chida Sensei. He registered Shoreikan Dojo with IYAF in 2004. Tony receives his 3rd Dan in the year of 2005 in Yoshinkan Honbu Japan and took his instructor test with Chee Keong. In the year of 2009, Tony receives his 4th Dan from Chida.

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